The Summer Slim Cleanse

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Each cleanse consists of six 12-ounce bottles of juice per day. All drinks are perishable after 72 hours. Unless they are frozen, drinks should be consumed within that time to avoid spoilage. 

Juices are derived entirely from local and organic produce (no sugar or water added) and is nutrient rich and pure.

This cleanse package "The Summer Slim Cleanse" is great for reducing bloating, increasing metabolism, boosting energy, and shedding fat.

Contains an assortment of these nutrient dense fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juices:

Summer Shine: Great For The Skin, and Bones. Energy Boost.

Mint Melon: Great For The Kidneys. Natural Diuretic.

Candy Apple: Helps Improve Circulation, Metabolism and Digestion. Rich in Beta-Carotene.

Granddaddy Grapefruit
: Fat Burner, Kidney Activator

Lemon Ginger Blast
: Great For The Muscles and Bones. Great Source of Balanced Minerals.

12oz juice. No added water. No added sugar. No HPP.


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