Product FAQ

Juice Shots 

These 2oz juice shots pack a powerful punch. Filled with mega does of nutrients. Drink them up in 1 or 2 gulps (1oz or 2oz) to get the full benefits. Be sure to have a glass of water nearby to drink after if needed.

Juice Cleanse 

Each day of our cleanse consists of six juices. Each juice is consumed throughout the day.

For example:

8AM - 1st juice
10AM – 2nd juice
12NOON – 3rd juice
2PM – 4th Juice
4PM – 5th Juice
6PM – 6th Juice

During the day, stay hydrated with water, teas, and even additional juices if you’d like.

Juices As A Meal Replacement 

You can also replace a meal with a juice. For example, replace your daily breakfast with a bottle of our Summer Shine or Candy Apple juice for an extra boost. Remember that the juice does not require the digestive system to activate so that gives you more energy during the day. Replace heavy meals with juice and feel the difference!


Juice Care Guide

Our juices are 100% natural and do not contain preservatives. Therefore, our juices have a limited shelf life, and should be consumed within 2 days after arrival. If you do not wish to enjoy your juice right away, please be sure to pop them in the freezer for use at a later time. The juice may be kept frozen for up to 4 months.

When you are ready to begin, please be sure to remove the desired amount out of the freezer the night before you are ready to start, and allow them to defrost at room temperature in a bowl of ice or in the refrigerator. Your juice should be thawed and ready to consume by morning. Please be sure to keep your juice cool for use throughout the day.