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The Kidney Boost Cleanse

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"Great tasting juices, well blended and not chalky!"

– Lisa M., Kidney Boost Cleanse Customer

We all know that kidneys are one of our great detox organs. With how busy we all are today and all of the junk food we eat… just like the liver, sometimes kidneys can get sluggish and not filter as great as they used to.

The Kidney Boost Cleanse is the perfect way to cleanse the body. Featuring ingredients such as natural diuretic foods like watermelon and dandelion leaves, and detoxifying properties of lemon juice, and celery juice.

It’s a great way to help support the function of kidneys. Get your kidney boost on today--your body will thank you later!

Each day consists of 6 bottles of juice per day. Juices are derived entirely from local and organic produce (no sugar or water added) and are nutrient-rich and pure.


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